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Humber SPARK Issue #6 is here

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SPARK #6 out now!

SPARK Issue #6 shines the spotlight on three research and innovation projects from Humber faculty members, researchers, and students. From horticulture professor Lynn Short’s research on controlling invasive species to nurse bot developed by Humber FAST students at an international hackathon to FMCA’s first Augmented Reality experience featuring Howie the Hawk, Humber’s research and innovation community is continuously pushing boundaries through creativity and collaboration.

The new SPARK issue invites you to learn about the experiences of Humber Press team members who attended ESOMAR Congress 2022, a leading international conference for market research, and Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education (GCSHE). The issue also includes Q&A with authors of two research studies published in the 2022 special issue of the Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE).

SPARK Issue #6 features foreword from Ginger Grant, PhD., Dean of Research and Innovation, and New Year’s greetings from Dianna Dinevski, PhD. (abd), Associate Dean of Research and Development. If you’re interested in making a New Year’s resolution that sticks, look no further than the welcoming Editor’s Note from Anju Kakkar, Managing Editor, Humber Press, ORI, who shares valuable insights on making effective New Year’s resolutions.

No matter where your curiosity lies, SPARK is here to inspire you in your research and innovation journey.