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SPARK is a celebration of Humber’s faculty members, researchers, students and the larger community of partners that ignite the spark of research and innovation. SPARK highlights research projects in five main areas: social innovation, sustainable architecture, system integration, UX experience and the Internet of Things (IoT).
From the latest news on North America’s first Broadcast-Broadband Convergence (B2C)  Lab at Humber to new developments in research funding to spotlights on Rock Star Researchers, SPARK features stories of exploration, innovation and collaboration. Through SPARK, we hope to stoke the spark of curiosity in everyone at Humber, one issue at a time.

Magazine Articles

A digital rendering of the Project ARROW showcase dashboard
Humber’s Bachelor of Industrial Design Students Create Human Machine Interface Designs for Canada’s First Zero Emissions Concept Vehicle
In today’s increasingly competitive employment market, “practical experience” has become a requirement for most entry-level jobs. Although quite paradoxical, this is now becoming the norm.
Awoman wearing a white lab coat makes a phone call and takes notes
Researcher’s Corner: Phone Visiting as a Novel Clinical Experience for Healthcare Students During COVID-19 and Beyond
Research study by Paula Mayer, Heather Nelson PhD., Beverlee Ziefflie, Susan Page and Deborah Norton examine the effectiveness of a phone visiting program.
A man films himself kneading dough
Researcher’s Corner: Pivoting Culinary Arts Education During COVID-19
Research study by Adrian Woodhouse, Tim Lynch and Steve Ellwood explores how culinary arts education has adapted during COVID-19
People sitting in rows of chairs look a guest speaker and a projector showing the Secret Canada project.
Data Driven 2023 Showcases the Kryptonite Combination of Data and Journalism
On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, StoryLab, Humber College’s collaborative hub for data-driven storytelling, held its annual signature event, Data Driven.
The Next Stage of AI is Here: Now What?
In March 2023, I attended a conference on artificial intelligence (AI) for digital creatives. The conference was a good glimpse into where AI is headed, but there was a lack of discussion about how these technologies would affect people in the writing and graphics industries.