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Welcome to SPARK’s Issue #2! Humber’s SPARK, Humber’s Research & Innovation Quarterly, is devoted to the dedicated research, innovation and discovery that continues despite the challenges. SPARK celebrates our rock star researchers, students, and industry partners. It highlights the value of conducting research at Humber, impactful research projects, restructured funding opportunities, social innovation and much more.

answers the question

How can we capture not only the breadth of the incredible work we do here at Humber but also the feeling of discovering the perfect research area to explore?

We were struck by how it only takes one spark of an idea to ignite the passions of a researcher, propelling them down a fiery path of innovation. How the intersection of critical thinking and creativity can represent the endless possibilities for change. We’re hoping to ignite that spark within everyone at Humber, because amazing things can happen when you stoke the fires of curiosity.