Demystifying Innovation

A podcast to ignite the spark of innovation.

“Success is sometimes the outcome of a long string of failures.” – Vincent van Gogh


Success isn’t a straight path; in the first season of Demystifying Innovation, we take a look at the foibles that members of the Humber community have experienced. Learn about how our guests moved through these road blocks and became more insightful and more innovative in the process. As humans, we are in a constant state of learning, and, as artist Bob Ross said, “As long as you’re learning, you’re not failing”!

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Demystifying Innovation is a space to ignite the culture of innovation. Join us as we chat with inspiring personalities, leaders, educators, and global innovation experts.  

 We bring you stories to inspire creativity. We bring you panel discussions and interviews aiming at demystifying innovation, making it accessible and approachable. We bring you inspirational stories of failures, the journey forward, and lessons learnt along the path to success. Get behind-the-scenes tips from our guest speakers. 

 Join us in building a community of innovation through storytelling. Don’t forget to bring a cup of coffee! 

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