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Humber’s Office of Research & Innovation Annual Report 2022-2023

Read the full annual report.
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Humber's Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) is proud to present its Annual Report for FY 22/23!

Explore a year of research, growth, change, and innovation in Humber's research and innovation ecosystem. “2022/23 Year in Review” showcases ORI’s commitment to growth and the transformative power of research in education. From our extensive research portfolio to spotlights on seasoned and emerging researchers, ORI's Annual Report FY 22/23 highlights the diverse avenues through which we support Humber's growing research and innovation community.

Discover the wide range of opportunities available at Humber, from the ground-breaking Broadcast-Broadband Convergence B²C Lab to the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL), applied research opportunities, and innovation initiatives. Explore our training and capacity-building initiatives and dissemination opportunities that guide ideas from curiosity to impact.

Join us as we delve into the future of polytechnic education, driven by research and innovation. Humber’s President and CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, underscores the pivotal role of these elements in shaping education. ORI’s Dean, Dr. Ginger Grant, emphasizes adaptability and a growth mindset, fostering caring work cultures and empowering our faculty and staff to drive innovation. Dr. Tania Massa, Associate Dean, Applied Research & Innovation, adds practical insights and initiatives to our vision.

We invite you to read the full Annual Report to explore ORI’s journey, achievements, and exciting initiatives. Together let's break down barriers to research and innovation and foster a growth mindset.

Read the full annual report.