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Humber SPARK Issue #5 Is here

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SPARK Issue 5

Humber’s quarterly research and innovation magazine SPARK Issue #5 is here!

SPARK Issue #5 shines the spotlight on creativity and applied research projects. At Humber, expressions of creativity often extend far beyond the individual—its effect rippling across various channels to find its way to classrooms, workshops, research projects and the broader community. The new issue invites you to explore five inspiring expressions of creativity from the Humber community.

In SPARK Issue #5, you will also learn about applied research projects conducted by Humber faculty members, researchers and industry partners, who are continually solving new challenges and making a difference in the community. From creating robotic painting arms to improving the digital transformation of Ontario’s alternative dispute resolution sector, Humber’s researchers and scholars demonstrate that the sky is the limit when it comes to innovative applied research projects.

With a welcoming editor’s note from Anju Kakkar, Managing Editor, Humber Press, ORI, the new issue also includes contributions from ORI’s Associate Deans and a short Q&A with the authors of three research studies published in the 2022 special issue of the Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE). The research studies address the timely subject of responding to challenges in innovative and sustainable ways.

No matter where your curiosity lies, SPARK is here to inspire you in your research and innovation journey.

Read SPARK Issue #5 today!