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Congratulations Barath Roy Michel

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Congratulations Bharat Roy Micheal and Team

What ‘upskilling’ means for the future of work—many experts believe upskilling is urgent, but most people don’t know where to start…

A great article by Bryan Lufkin, BBC, featuring quotes from researcher Barath Roy Michel, MSW, IMGB™, Senior Project Manager, Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) at Humber College, alongside quotes from experts at McKinsey and LinkedIn.

Read the BBC Worklife article for some great insights.

Barath Roy Michel and his research team recently published an original research paper, A Study on Skills Gap: Beyond COVID, in the Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Innovation (JIPE), published by Humber Press, ORI.

Michel notes that upskilling can look different for everyone. He states, “Take a step back and see what’s happening in the wider industry, and see how you can get yourself ahead of the curve.”

Congratulations to researcher Barath Roy Michel. Don’t forget to read the article!