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Welcome to Humber Press

We are so happy you decided to stop by.
Humber Press shares stories through the lens of research and innovation.
“We are all researchers” and “we are all innovators” – we truly are!

We Are Storytellers

Humber Press provides a platform of knowledge dissemination and knowledge sharing.

Through our quarterly research and innovation magazine SPARK, we shed light on and celebrate Humber’s growing community of research rock stars, faculty, researchers, COIs, employees, student researchers, and innovators. SPARK aims to demystify innovation and make research accessible and approachable through the art of storytelling.

Humber Press also publishes the Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE), an online, open-access journal for double-blind peer-reviewed papers that mobilize knowledge and insights generated by the global polytechnic community. We encourage our researchers to publish their research findings with JIPE’s global audience. To facilitate and encourage emerging and seasoned researchers to disseminate their research and innovation manuscripts, Humber Press has recently released a comprehensive JIPE Submissions Handbook.

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We have more articles for you to read. The Humber Press editorial team regularly shares news through our social media platforms.

We also share weekly and monthly articles published from our parent site, Humber's Office of Research & Innovation-Latest News.