Malley Industries

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Publication date: April 2014
Pages: 4

On March 2, 2013, Terry Malley, president and CEO, Malley Industries, was preparing to write a speech intended for employees at two Town Hall meetings on company premises on March 4. In February, Malley Industries, a family-owned specialty-vehicles manufacturer based in Dieppe, New Brunswick, released five employees, the last of 12 layoffs over 12 months. No other terminations were planned. But the rumour mill was working overtime. Terry and his executive team heard “through the grapevine” that many among the 60 employees left were concerned this “blood-letting” was not over. There was talk on the shop floor of the business “going under”. It was time to deal with the rumours head-on.

This case was written for Writing Lab 5: Advanced Public Relations Writing, the fifth and final writing course offered in the third year (fifth semester) of the Bachelor of Public Relations degree program. The case gives students the opportunity to write a speech for an executive of an existing organization, a key learning outcome for the course. The case also requires students to demonstrate knowledge of audience analysis and influence of messages for specific applications acquired in previous writing, media relations and integrated marketing communications courses.

Malley Industries Teaching Note