Clement Housing Community Care

Open Source
Author: Linda Hill
Publication date: January 2011
Pages: 4
ISBN: 978-0-9734977-3-1 

Laura Miller was the Executive Director of Clement Housing Community Care, a supportive housing agency for frail older adults located in Toronto, Canada. On October 25, 2009, three Personal Support Workers approached Laura Miller concerned about assisting four wheelchair bound clients to and from the dining room via a steep ramp and the impact on their personal back health. They informed Laura Miller that they did not want to continue to assist these clients.

This case was written for a 4th semester course in the Social Service Worker Diploma Program, SSW 300:  Agency Administration and Fundraising.

After preparing this case, students will be able to discuss the roles of a Board and Executive Director in the Non-profit sector and understand how policies and procedures are used for quality assurance and risk management.