Ottawa: Gateway to Carp

Ottawa: Gateway to Carp

Publication date: May 2015
Pages: 88
ISBN: 9781928189053
Form: Paperback

An oral history of the Ottawa comedy scene, featuring interviews with Rick Mercer, Jessica Holmes, Norm MacDonald, Mark Breslin and many more.

Ottawa is a lot of things, but funny? Absolutely. And this book proves it.

Ottawa: Gateway to Carp is an oral history of the comedy scene that was born and has flourished in a city not known for its sense of humour.

Among these in-depth interviews with more than two dozen comedians, performers and writers are insights and anecdotes from people like Rick Mercer, Jessica Holmes, Jon Dore, SNL alumnus Norm MacDonald and Mark Breslin, founder of the hugely powerful and influential Yuk Yuk’s chain of comedy clubs.