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NEXT is a twice-annual magazine that is published by Humber Press out of The Centre for Teaching & Learning. It explores and celebrates the most innovative, inspired and forward-thinking teaching and learning practices at Humber College.

The latest issue of Humber’s NEXT magazine explores accessibility in education, students partnering with industry, faculty research, and more.

In our most recent issue, read about:

  • The Arboretum’s sustainable beekeeping workshops
  • International Development students partnering with an NGO to send aid to Syria
  • A Teaching Innovation Fund that researches the use of Lego tech to teach coding
  • Tips on adding podcasts to your class “readings”

…and more!

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NEXTcast is a podcast about teaching and learning at Humber College. Every episode, we talk to faculty and staff about new teaching ideas and practices, and about some of the great initiatives and innovations that are happening at Humber, inside and outside the classroom.

Learn about:

  • Fun ways to break the ice with students, and to learn their names
  • Making class materials more accessible
  • Teaching with an international perspective

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