Types of Publications

Humber Press is interested in publishing a variety of different types of works that align with Humber's Academic Mission. This will include creative works submitted by students and faculty and other interested creators for peer and/or professional review. Works considered for publication will be original and contribute new knowledge, ideas and/or creatively advance the field and/or discipline.

Concept to Completion

If you have an idea that you think might make a great publication and want to know if Humber Press would be interested in publishing your work, please complete the Concept Form.

If you have already have a work in progress and are interested in submitting your work for publication with Humber Press proceed with the process and complete this form. The Editorial Board will review the Concept Form and connect with you to discuss next steps. Thank you for your interest in publishing with Humber Press.

A Rich History in Academic Publishing

Humber Press originated in the early 1970s with numerous publications created by Humber faculty. With the steadfast purpose of improving learning and scholarly teaching, Humber Press soon became a conduit for creative expression by faculty, staff and students. Please browse through our timeline to get a sense of the vast diversity in our programming, publishing and academic offerings. This glimpse will hopefully portray the wonderful journey that Humber continues to be on.