Develop your ideas

Humber Press offers encouragement, support and an outlet for disseminating knowledge and participating in the wider academic and professional community through publishing. This opportunity is extended to all members of the community who wish to undertake this task.

The goals of the Press are to:

  1. Make new publications available to the Humber community and community-at-large which support teaching and learning at the postsecondary level.
  2. Expand opportunities for authors to publish valuable work.
  3. Enhance the Humber community’s skills and confidence in creating high quality, publishable content through a professional development approach.
  4. Recognize and share knowledge and expertise.
  5. Promote the sharing of ideas and synergy in the teaching and learning environment.


The mandate of Humber Press is to develop a reputation as a source of creative, high quality information for post-secondary educators, administrators, students and interested readers.