Dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge

We are built on the research and creativity of our faculty, students and interested readers. Humber Press will publish titles each year on a wide variety of topics reflective of both the breadth of Humber’s academic offerings and the scope of its faculty interests and accomplishments. On occasion, Humber Press will consider and publish work by individuals not affiliated with the college.


Humber Press employs a transparent online submission process whereby any Humber faculty member can follow Humber Press’ submission guidelines and propose creative work for publication consideration. Humber Press' Editorial Committee is proudly offering a safe and openly-accessible publishing environment that strives to encourage interested authors to test the publishing waters and, with the help of our team of editors, develop the literary, authorial and creative talents of our faculty. We encourage first-time authors and are pleased to present a venue for writers to take their work from the germination to the publication stage.

The history, 1967 – present

Humber Press, originally established in the 1970s and revived in 2013, is the official academic press of the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada.

Meet the editorial board

We have had great success in developing and maintaining relationships with industry partners.